If only the weather were warmer…


Not to bum anyone out on a Friday afternoon, but if the weather were warmer we could all go for a beautiful walk or run on the TREC Trail! Regardless of the season, the TREC Trail is a great way to spend an afternoon in Effingham. The scenic views on the trail can only be described as gorgeous year round. 

The idea for the TREC Trail began in 2005 when Trail Recreation Effingham County and the Effingham County Board developed a plan for a trail system throughout the county to connect the communities with an alternative travel option. The trail will eventually span 30 miles of paved biking/hiking trails throughout beautiful Effingham County. For more information on the TREC Trail, its history and how to donate click here.

This is a current map of the trail as it is to date:


The TREC Trail is also host to multiple events in the warmer months. For instance, last weekend a major portion of the Runnin’ of the Irish 5k and 10k was on the trail. There is another run/walk on the TREC Trail this Saturday, March 23rd. The race benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation. If the funds are successfully raised, the proceeds go towards granting a local child’s wish. Race-day registration begins at 8 a.m. for the run/walk. The 5k begins at 9 a.m. and the walk commences soon after. We highly suggest you come out on Saturday and support a good cause while enjoying the TREC Trail!

For more information on other events that will be taking place on the TREC Trail make sure to check out our calendar of events by clicking here.


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