Art & Culture: Frye Pottery

In an old dairy barn near Shumway, Illinois, you’ll find Tim and Pam Frye in their “potter’s paradise,” a.k.a. their pottery studio and gallery. Since 1980, the couple has been producing award-winning, hand-made, useful clay pieces, from vases and lamps to mugs and bowls.

Frye Pottery has lots of unique pieces to choose from either for your own home or as gifts for others. They also offer classes and workshops for all ages and skill levels. Classes are typically over six weeks, meeting once a week. Workshops meet one time for three hours, focusing on one particular project, and they can be specialized to fit the needs of you and your group. Private lessons are also available for those interested in a more individualized session.

The Fryes’ studio is open by appointment, and visitors can enjoy a sculpture garden during that time as well. For those interested in purchasing any of their ceramic pieces or in learning more about creating pottery, you can visit their website for more information or call at 217-868-5583.


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